Written and Designed Just for You!

My Caddy © Golf App is specifically written and designed for every golfer regardless of your handicap. It is informative reading off the golf course and simple to use on the golf course. Combined, we have over 100 years of golf experience.

On the Golf Course

  • Basic golf etiquette, eliminating uncomfortable situations.
  • An easy, quick, and discreet reference, to help you hit a particular golf shot.
  • A quick reference to a golf rule pertaining to your particular situation at the time.

Off the Golf Course

  • A plan and goal when you go to the driving range.
  • Basic techniques, fundamentals, and tips for the beginner or high handicapper.
  • Slight adjustments to improve and help the senior golfers.
  • Assisting you in purchasing golf equipment that is “right for you”.
  • Explaining the score card.
  • Understanding the handicap system.
  • Comprehending golf terminology.

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