I wrote this book because I realized the immense value of a professional golf caddy during a round of golf. Unfortunately, many golfers, for a number of reasons, have never experienced the benefit of a professional golf caddy.

Why My Caddy ©?

A golf caddy has numerous roles during a round of golf. First and foremost, during an intense round of golf, the golf caddy maintains your focus, guiding your energy towards your main goal, to play better golf. Eliminating tension results in a more natural, fluid swing which allows for more accurate positioning of the golf ball.

A golf caddy assists you in choosing the correct club for any situation you may encounter on the golf course.

A golf caddy gives professional advice concerning the fairway, rough or any obstacles on the golf course.

What would sometimes seem as an impossible shot becomes playable because of your golf caddy.

Perhaps most importantly, a golf caddy can save you numerous strokes during a round of golf.

The My Caddy © Golf App is your personal golf caddy. While it may not be able to find your lost golf ball or buy you a round at the 19th hole, it will always be there when you need it.

Every golfer deserves a golf caddy of their own. With the My Caddy © Golf App you now have one, from tee to green.

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